Raquel's Ark

Here at Raquel's Ark we save one life at a time.  Our mission is to rehabilitate and release back into the wild.  There are cases where this is not possible.  In those cases we provide a loving environment that allows them to grow.  I work closely with Ministry de Ambiente or ANAM.

Our supporters, through their generous donations, allow us to provide medical attention and advanced diet.  We have both  an onsite medical staff and a hyperbaric chamber used for healing.

To donate, using Paypal, pay to raquelframe@gmail.com by selecting "Send money to friends and family".

You may visit our  facility and interact with the animals. 

I established Raquel's Ark because of a growing need to provide a safe heaven for the wild animals of Panama.  Often animals are killed or injured due to fear or lack of understanding of how we benefit from them.  Raquel's Ark is used to place animals in the safe and secure environment that Alouatta Sanctuary provides them.  The animals are provided the medical care that the desperately needed sort of like  triage in an emergency room of a hospital.  When the animals are safe, and their health stable to move.