Since the beginning of mankind, we have been interacting with love.  At Raquel's Ark we heal and rehabilitate the wild animals of Panama.  Often they are healed and released back into the wild where they are able to interact with their kind.  But, many times the animal was brought into contact with humans at a very early age and are not able to go back into the wild.  I have a coyote that was brought to me as a young pup, and all it knows is to eat chickens raised by people!

Here at Raquel's Ark we strive to create a balance between release and maintain in captivity.  We have medical staff available 24/7 and an onsite hyperbaric chamber.  I provide a well balanced dite.  Donations from the public allow us to continue.

Love = Life

 That we all depend on nature for life.  Each life on earth is important from the lowly earthworm to the bee to the bird to humans.  We all depend on each other.  Fear leads to killing animals.  Love leads to life.